Brainstorming dekstop twitter client features

p(meta). 01 March 2009 - Kristiansand, Norway There are several twitter clients out there, but I feel that noen of them really fills the needs I have with twitter. I currently just use the webpage mostly. Sometimes I use twitterfic and get new tweets through growl. This post is a brainstorming in features for a desktop twitter client. * when fetching new tweets only process items that are not processed before. Does twitter support modified-since stuff so that it is possible to only fetch tweets after a given time? * filter incomming tweets. Based upon regex in the tweet, author of the tweet * block noisy buddies * create presets for filters/blocks so that it is possible to tune the client for given contexts. Sometimes you do not want to see all types of tweets * retweeting support. and reply support with custom templates to do so. * add urls to delicious support. automatically tag with #hashtags in tweet * reply-to history. * set refresh rate * lots of keyboard shortcuts. post new tweet, reply to active element, retweet active element, move to next/prev element, if reply see originating message. * ability to customize keyboard shortcuts in some way. ( I like vim, others like emacs..) * show remaining requests allowed to twitter * decouple GUI and engine so that is is possible to build several GUI's on top of the engine * inspector view for currently selected tweet. To see profile, image etc. * process FriendsTimeline and predefined searches. "David Briccetti": has experimented with a twitter client in scala and swing. Several of these features are in his client. If anybody know of a twitter library that has some or more of these features then please let me know.
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