New blog design, problem with active menu element in jekyll

19 Feb 2009 – Kristiansand, Norway

Decided that I wanted to freshen up my blog a little bit. I like the design of jboner and that of mojombo so I set out to create a page inspired by them.

I like the new design but I have one issue with jekyll that I am not sure how to solve. For my menu to work I need to set some css properties on the li of the active element.

I guess this could be solved if I specified the menu as YAML in my default template and then checked on the page.title element to set the propper id/class elements. I am not sure how to do this in jekyll currently. If you can help me with this please send me a ping on twitter or in #jekyll on freenode.

In order to solve my active menu element problem I have currently put the menu div in each of the pages instead of in the default template.

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