Dynamic menu highlighting in github pages

19 Feb 2009 – Kristiansand, Norway

Earlier today I blogged that I had problems with getting a dynamic menu configured in github pages.

After some research and peeking at the jekyll source I found a sollution. In the
default style place the following yaml frontmatter:

- id: home
  url: /
- id: archive
  url: /content/archive.html
- id: talk
  url: /content/talk.html
- id: resume
  url: /content/resume.html
- id: about
  url: /content/about.html

Then in all pages place a yaml frontmatter like:

layout: default
id: home
title: The title of the page/post

This id tells the system that the following page should highlight the home tab.

The actual code to present the menu can be seen below. I had to replace {} with
() to get liquid to not parse the actual code.

<div id="navcontainer">
  <ul id="navlist">
    (% for element in page.menu %)
      (% if page.id == element.id %)
        <li id="active">
          <a href="(( element.url ))" id="current">(( element.id ))</a>
      (% else %)
        <li><a href="(( element.url ))">(( element.id ))</a></li>
      (% endif %)
    (% endfor %)

Feel free to reuse this code example in your blog if you want a dynamic menu.

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